Moo Nam Tok

Moo nam tok sometimes called as Nam tok mu. It is a kind of salad that come from Thailand. Each countries in the whole world have their own salad. And Thailand have Moo nam tok as their salad. This is a popular dish in Thailand and another countries because it is easy for people to make Moo nam tok. People just need to prepare the grilled pork that already cut into thin pieces. Then the meat will be flavoured with chili powder and another seasoning.

Moo nam tok is not only just an ordinary dish that every people would like to try. There are several benefits that people can get from Moo nam tok. People will able to get the healthy benefits after they consume Moo nam tok. The ingredients inside the Moo nam tok can help people to cure several diseases such as stomach cancer, and many more.

Green Curry

Asian country usually have a same kind of dish but have a different way to serve the dish. There is one dish that can be found in almost all countries in Asian. Curry is a kind of dish that almost all Asian countries have as their main dish. In Thailand, there is a Green curry. This is a kind of curry from Thailand that has their own recipes and their own way to serve the curry. It is not hard for people to make the Green curry.

Green curry in Thailand usually served with a rice. The Green curry that served with a rice is become a part of wider range of dishes that also become a meal. People can enjoy the Green curry as their lunch or as their dinner. People can also enjoy the Green curry along with an India style bread that has a similarities with roti canai from Malaysia.

Pad Thai

You already know that Thailand is a country that has a lot of unique dishes that can make you always want to try every dishes that served in this country. There are many kind of dishes that has a different seasoning and different method of serving. Pad thai is one kind of dishes that you can find in Thailand. It is a kind of fried rice noodle dish that you can find in street stalls. You can also able to find Pad thai in a traditional market that serve Pad thai. It is a dish that made from soaked dried rice noodles that already stir fried with eggs. There also a chopped firm tofu and many other ingredients such as shrimp, garlic, shallots and many more. Pad thai is served with the fish sauce. You can also able to get the Pad thai that have a lot of vegetables as the ingredients of the dish. You can also able to find Pad thai in another country such as Vietnam.

Pad thai already exist since a long time ago. It is introduced to the Ayutthaya Kingdom by some Viet traders. But then the Pad thai is used as a campaign method that has a purpose to establish the Thai nationalism. Pad thai also become a popular dish during the World War II. Many people would have Pad thai as their meal during that time. And since that time, Pad thai become one out of many Thailand’s national dishes. These days, many changes that happen to Pad thai. Many people make some inovation about Pad thai by adding some ingredients such as pork and many more. They also add several spices inside the Pad thai to make more taste of Pad thai. But not few people who still use the original recipe of Pad thai.

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